The 61st Annual Spring Meeting of the Japanese Society of Clinical Cytology

Welcome Message

Noblesse Oblige of Cytology
–What we aim at–


Yukitoshi Satoh, M.D., Ph.D., F.I.A.C.
Congress President
Professor and Chairman,
Department of Thoracic Surgery
Kitasato University School of Medicine

It is our pleasure to announce the 61st Annual Spring Meeting of the Japanese Society of Clinical Cytology will be held at PACIFICO Yokohama for three days from Friday June 5th to Sunday June 7th, 2020. Seventeen years ago, Kitasato University hosted the 44th Annual Spring Meeting in 2003. The meeting was chaired by President Hiroyuki Kuramoto, Professor Emeritus, and it is a great honor for Kitasato University to hold this event again. With the help and support of many, including staff of the university and Kanagawa Society of Clinical Cytology, we are determined to do our best to make this academic meeting as significant as possible for all participants.

The theme of this meeting has been decided as “Noblesse Oblige of Cytology –What we aim at–”. Noblesse Oblige is a French term I encountered in my high school days; it made such a strong impact on me that it has been reverberating in my mind since then. I understand the term generally means the obligation carried by the noble while maintaining their fortune, power, and social status. Adopting this saying for cytology, I mean to say, “Those who engage in cytology, carrying transcendental obligation and responsibility, should sincerely quest it.” The cytology we engage in is closely related to not only the earliest possible detection of disease but also treatment policy as well as prognosis, requiring constant and high reliability and critical responsibility for quality control, diagnosis, and report. From this viewpoint, this academic meeting aims at providing opportunities to expand the discussion, preparing programs centering on quality control and technology, on area-traversing, and on searching how cytology should be in the genome age.

June 2020 will be immediately followed by the Tokyo Olympics, enthusiasm for which, I am sure, must be overflowing in every part of Japan. The programs thoroughly examined and established by the Program Committee and the Core Program Committee under such circumstances will, I believe, be transmitted from Kanagawa Prefecture to the entire world, as content that will long remain in our record and memory. I am sincerely looking forward to seeing members from every corner of Japan participating in the meeting as well as publishing their ideas.

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